1 Concept on How to Have Prospect Committed

It’s actually very simple to have prospect committed in showing up whether is on zoom call, webinar or offline presentation.

All you need to do is to have them take baby steps with you by asking them for smaller commitments.

It’s kind of getting a foot in the door concept.

Instead of “throwing out everything you got”, why not ask simple short question to have them committed. This not only helps you sift through people quickly and also build up the curiosity in them.

So, during your network marketing prospecting, instead of asking them trying the full range of your supplements, why not ask them to try one of your flagship products first.

Instead of asking them trying your range of your skin care products, why not sample, trial or trying out one product?

Instead of asking them trying your range of oils, why not sample or have them try one of your best selling products first?

By doing so, it make it easier for your prospect to try and make an informed decision.

This also gives you, your product and service an opportunity to prove to them how good it is to them.

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