2 Tips to Enrol More People Into Your Network Marketing Business

Are you really serious in building your network marketing business?

Here are 2 ways for you to enrol more people into your network marketing business.

1st Tip: Talk to More People

First, you need to understand that, “not everyone are for you and you are not for everyone“.

So do not assume that everyone can see what you see and join you. If you have that kind of thinking, doing this business will be going to be hard for you. You will have to talk to more people, sort thru the people to see who are open at their time to take a look at what you have to offer.

Imagine you are have a deck of poker cards and your mission is to quickly flip open the card to find 4 Aces and 1 Joker.

So what will you do?

People who are in the right frame of mind would quickly flip thru that deck of cards to find 4 Aces and 1 Joker.

So in real life, you will need to have that kind of mindset that you are sorting thru people. Speed is crucial here as well.

2nd Tip: Talk Less to More People

Because most network who came to this profession are from all walk of life and most are not trained in marketing, sales or direct response marketing.

But they do bring to the table their passion. Passion is good but more of it will actually back-fired. Instead, you need to talk less, in order not to talk yourself out of a sale.

Here’s how you talk less to more people.

First thing first, you need to find out if there a sales to be made, meaning, is there any problem in their life right now that they WANT to solve. Remember that, your company pay you when there product or service move.

When you determine there a problem that you can help solve, ask if they are OPEN or KEEN to explore possibilities that can help solve their problem. This is where a lot of networkers who are not trained blow this away. Stop talking after you ask them if they are keen or open. Do not add in your sales language like, “you sure can make it.”, “this is for sure for you because……”, “company make $XXX sales revenue”.

All these type of languages put people off.

And, if you want to quickly fail in your network marketing business, use these languages.

So when they agree they want to see what you have to offer, then and only then, set an appointment, invite them to event or webinar or use whatever tool you have with them.

Hope this post will greatly helps you on how to enrol more people into your network marketing business.

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