3 Free Video Marketing Tools For Network Marketers

Most network marketers know that video marketing is one of the more better way to attract potential customers and business builders. That’s why, you can see some of the most successful network marketer like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre to name a few whom are using video to share their knowledge.

However, there is one stumbling block that most people inside network marketing who know the power of video marketing but still yet to do is that, they don’t want to broadcast their face to the masses.

Some maybe due to their work commitment while other just feel that it’s not the right time for them to show their face. So in today post, you will discover 3 free tools that even if you don’t want to show your face, you are still able to leverage on the power of video to attract people to you.

Here we go!

Free Tool #1 – Google Slides
This is equivalent to Powerpoint and Keynote. If you have access to both softwares, use that. If not, Google slides can do the job as well. You can then put what you want to say on to the slides. For example, if you want to intro yourself, a typical sentence would be “Hi, I’m YOUR NAME and thanks for dropping by. Today I want to share ______”. So all you need is to copy that sentence to slide #1. And the 2nd sentence or paragraph to slide #2 and so on. You get the idea.

Free Tool #2 – Google
You will need content in your slides and guess what, there are a lot of contents on Google. Simply do a search on the specific topic you would like to talk about and then either say it with your own words in your slides or credit the source. Whichever way you do is fine but do not copy wholesale without crediting.

Free Tool #3 – Zoom
You will need some software to record your video presentation. I’ve found by far zoom is the best because of it’s ability to sign up a free account + able to record to your hard disk with good quality and their file size is small.

So when you have done recording, your video is ready for marketing. So all you need is to either upload to youtube or facebook. This way you will have a much wider reach.

And if you really want to take video marketing to the next level, do a Facebook LIVE when you are comfortable because that will give you even more juice to whatever you are doing.

That’s it, hope you enjoy the 3 Free Video Marketing Tools For Network Marketers content and if you like more of these content, bookmarked my blog and come back often. And since you are here, I’ve prepare a free resource call “5 Proven Questions For Cold Market Prospecting on Social Media” for you. If you want this, simply scroll up if you are on laptop or down if you are on smart devices to get it.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, didn’t know that we can do video without expensive tools. Thanks for your information.

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