3 Myths Around Using Facebook Business Page

At the point of writing this post, many networker marketers like you are asking me, “Hey Jeff, do I really need to spend on Ads if I use Facebook Business Page?” “Can I don’t spend money?” “Do I need to post a lot of contents?” and many others related questions.

So today post, I will share with you 3 Myths Around Using Facebook Business Page and hope it will help you out.

Myth 1 – Can I enrol people without paying for Ads?

Now Facebook although is a social network platform, they are also running a business. They have shareholder to answer to. And that is one of the many reasons why they started a Facebook Business Page for people who want to use Facebook to market their business. Even if you don’t want to pay for the ads, Facebook algorithm works in such a way that only a small percentage of people would ever see your Business Page post. So it make sense to advertise in Facebook if you want to use their business page.

Myth 2 – Do I need to post daily? What kind of post do I need to post?

Well, if we already know Facebook only show to a small percentage of people reading your post, it doesn’t matter if you post daily or weekly or monthly because the exposure is not that great anyway. What you need to do is to post relevant and value content to your audience. If you are passionate about weight lost, post “how to” , “3 Tips” or “Do you know” type of content that entertain and educate your audience. You can do that every single day with 1 post.

Myth 3 – How much do I need to spend?

Many people have the misconception around spending ad. Most think that they cannot lose money. In fact, it’s the other way round. The more you can spend on, the more profitable you will get. How is that so? Let’s imagine this for a second, say you are selling your juicy weight loss shake formula, and you start putting some ads. And one of the ad that you put gotten you 10 targeted lead. You follow up with them and make you say $200. Not much but here’s how it get interesting.

You reinvest the $200 into the ads that’s workable, expand to new niche and you make more. This time say $1000.

So you reinvest it to scale up a little bit more and because you know what convert, you may convert more now and you make more. Can you see the pattern here?

So marketing is not about how much do you need to spend, is about how much more I can spend to get myself profitable. 

Hope this short quick post helps you getting around setting up a profitable Facebook Business Page for your network marketing business. If you feel that your team need to see this, feel free to share it with them.

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Till then.

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