3 Network Marketing Time Mangement Tips

Phew! You just came back from a hard day work but you still have your network marketing business to build. How are you going to cope?

I know many of us are doing network marketing part time and having difficult time to managing our time. So, today, I’m going to share with you 3 network marketing time management tips that will help you get on the right track. However, please do take note that, though the following may seem obvious to many of us, but it is the determination and discipline that make it works.

So let’s us being with the first time management tip

Plan Ahead

We have to plan ahead of everything. Be it at your day job, family planning or even network marketing business. You have to plan one week ahead of your network marketing business. Usually, I will reserve my Sunday to plan ahead what I am going to do the following week for my network marketing business. Will it be more promotion, doing research or communicating with my team.

Divide Your Time

We know that time is against us. When we got back home and done everything, we have about 2 to 3 hours left. So we must really make full use of our time. If you have plan ahead of the week, then you can further divide the task into manageable one. If you can only spare 2 hours, then make full use of it. If you are doing facebook marketing, devote about half hour (no playing of games), call prospect up or communicating with your upline. The key here is to do something that is productivity towards your network marketing business.


We need to do this during our 2 or 3 hour time frame. Which task that seem important and is of high priority, do that first! Example could have be, calling up your fresh new lead or following up a prospect. Other task which seems important but of lesser priority like blogging, can be after you call your prospect. While some task like checking email can be done every other day.

As you can see, I actually talking about the obvious. However, many of us are not using the time cleverly. They do things unproductive way and blame that they cannot get result in network marketing.

If you are a slow starter or getting in to learn the rope of network marketing, try to sponsor your 1st distributor into your team, this is first and foremost before you start dabbling into more advance stuff.

1 thought on “3 Network Marketing Time Mangement Tips”

  1. Hello Jeff, this post is just what I need today. I know that I have to “manage myself” in time, but sometimes the more time available, the more that people have the tendency to be all over the place, and to lose sight of the income-generating activities. FOCUS is the key, and the three things you mentioned basically summarizes how we can achieve focus 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder, and great job in managing yourself in time! 🙂

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