3 Proven Ways to Get Targeted Network Marketing Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of our business, without them, we are out of business. However, many network marketers who join this industry comes from all walks of life. Some are better at leads generation, some not. Although, there are training and resources on how to get network marketing leads online but many still not able to generate leads daily.

So, in this post, I’m going to share with you on how I get my network marketing leads online and the best part you can get them for free. So let’s get started.


You can get laser targeted leads on your blog. The reason why is that, if people are searching for you online and fill in a form on your blog, it means that these people know about you or like what you write and would like to connect with you to know more about you.


Facebook is a place where people connect. You can find quality leads on Facebook because they already know you and what you do. The key here is to find people on Facebook that you can talk to. In my experience, not many people will relate or even talk to you on Facebook. If both of you have the same interest, you will get along pretty well.

Classified Ads

There are many online classified ads website online. You can use these website to find target network marketing leads online. If your copy writing is good, you can almost get targeted leads. However, there are various variables you need to consider when using classified ads website. The traffic to the website, the type of category that is on the site and the words that you put in your ads.

If you can work on the above 3 consistently, I am sure you will run out of targeted network marketing leads for your business.

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