3 Simple Tips for Integrating Social Media Marketing into Your MLM

Network marketing foundation is human and relationship business. Social media is one part of big eco system in human relationship. We get connect with each other via social network and this makes the world smaller and connected.

How can we leverage on social media effectively for our network marketing (MLM) business online?

Here I will share 3 simple tips for integrating social media into your network marketing business.

1) Set up you blog into mobile version

Most of us have smart phone. So it would be a no brainer to convert your site into mobile version for those who are on the move reading your blog. There is a plugin which will convert your blog into mobile version without you knowing any coding. This plugin is call WPTouch. It’s free so go ahead and download it.

2) Generating interest for your reader

You need interesting, valuable and thought provoking content that will reel in your reader to read more and follow you. If your content is just a “me too” content, you probably won’t get any further. However, if you write content that appeal to your reader, your reader may share, tweet or facebook your content to other user. Think viral marketing and leadership here.

3) Creating videos

Videos are perceive as a much higher content value than written words. So you might want to convert your articles that you have written to video with you speaking . This not only raises your profile online and you will utilize attraction marketing. It is that powerful.

So you have now know how to integrate social media to your network marketing business, go forth and try to implement all 3 and see the results coming in.

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  1. Great sharing! I believe in transforming the old school offline MLM technique to online. Glad to have found your website.

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