3 Steps LinkedIn Prospecting for Network Marketers

LinkedIn used to be for job seekers but not anymore. With more and more functions being added to LinkedIn, it is quickly becoming Facebook with a twist. LinkedIn is still a network largely used by professional and the casual social talk that you used to on Facebook does not work well here. Also, posting of your lifestyle pic or dog or vacation pic also does not work well either.

In this blog post, you will be learning how to use LinkedIn to prospect people into your network marketing business or buy your product or services.

Searching for Your Perfect Prospect

Step 1: Use the search bar
LinkedIn Search Bar

LinkedIn search bar is network marketers favourite tool. It’s better than Facebook. Here, you can search for people name, association, schools, brands, companies, groups and jobs. When you are starting out in LinkedIn, you may want to try to connect with people who graduate from the same school, or work at your previous company, or your competitors company. This way, you can connect with them easily because both of you have common interest.

Step 2: Using Filter to Prospect

Once the search results returns to you, you will need to use the filter to filter the people you want to prospect. Click the 2nd connection because this is the only connection in LinkedIn that matters. It’s like mutual friends on Facebook. You can also filter by country or states. So, if you want to do a blitz in certain state or open up a new market, now you can.

Step 3: Connecting with your new LinkedIn Prospect
You can either Add a Note or Send Now after clicking on connect

After filtering, you select one of the return result and click Connect. Here, you will be given option to Add a Note or Send Now. It doesn’t matter. If you prefer not to Add a Note, it’s okay.

So what happen if they accept your connections?

Remember that, LinkedIn is for professional, so your message also need to be professional but never end without a question. A sample script that I would use is

“HI So-So, thanks for accepting me into your professional network. I’m met quite a few sharp people on LinkedIn and seek to expand my professional network as well. I see that you are with X company, how long have you been with them? – jeffrey”

Simple right?

Don’t over think it.

Remember that you are connecting with strangers, so don’t get too hung up on who respond and who not.

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