3 Tips in Sending Network Marketing Follow Up Methods That Produce Results

After your initial contact with your prospect, you should send a follow up message.

Depending on the situation, you may want to follow up your prospect because they have either attend your business presentation or after you send them your marketing video. Either way, following up in network marketing is where the money lies. If you don’t, you will not be earning that type of money you want to earn.

With that said, below are network marketing follow up methods that you can use.

Tip 1 -Call them up

I’ve seen newbie who came into this industry with good intention of doing themselves good. However, they ask the wrong question. They will start asking those type of questions that allows the prospect to answer Yes or No. More often than not, the prospect will answer No – and that game over for you. So word the question in a way that will allow the prospect to talk freely.

Tip 2 – Sending them text message/sms

This is the technique that I seldom see people use. Mostly they either use phone or email. Sms or text messaging is the fastest way to get into your prospect heart without intruding their privacy. Using this method allows you to save time because you need to just type and send. However, this need to be carefully crafted as you want some response and added urgency.

Tip 3 – Email them

I place this the last not because they are not good is that it may lost its beauty. Why is that so? Everyday, we are bombarded by tons of email, our email may have get lose in the sea of our prospect inbox. If our email is being flagged as spam by our prospect, it will go into their spam box and lost forever.

So, now you know the 3 methods of following up that produce results. Just do it and stop thinking if this work or not.

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