3 Tips on How to Be Seen In Your Article Marketing

Article marketing has long been the proven online marketing technique. Although it does not give you immediate effect on sales, branding and ranking (although sometimes it can) but chances are rare. I’ve seen a lot of people who started their article marketing campaign with an incorrect mindset.

They maybe following  some of the article marketing guides or courses asking them to write article for ezine, web 2.0 sites like squidoo or spin their article for syndication. But what they did not tell them is the proper way of doing article marketing.

So in this article you will learn how to be seen in your article marketing so as to make your articles work doubly hard than usual.

Spinning of Article

Although, I’m all for quality articles, but sometimes, we need some software to help us to get maximum exposure as possible. Thus, spinning article is one of the way. I’ve seen a lot of people spinning articles the wrong way. Some expert article marketer spun it correctly that each article produce is almost a 100% unique article. So how do you do that? It is simple, simply rewrite the original article and then rewrite them again paragraph by paragraph. In this way, you will get different article as compare to the original one.

Syndicate to Article Directories

Many preach to submit as many article directories as possible to gain maximum exposure and get backlinks. However, I discourage that. The reason why is, Google or other search engines are always on the constant look out for quality article directories to get rank and index. Thus, you have to find those quality article directories to post your articles to. These type of article directories also attract more traffic than the lowly article directories. There is no rule of thumb of how many articles directories you need to submit to – just find the quality ones and submit them. You can find Top 50 article directories here.

Blog syndication

Another way to have your article be seen all over the place and get backlink are blog network. One thing to take note here, good blog networks are paid services. There are free ones too. But if you are serious in your business, get a paid one. There are many paid services out there, just Google it and you will find it. When you are using this type of blog network, you must write quality content as these are real blog with real person behind each blog. They can delete or deny your content if your content is not of quality. Thus, it is better for you to get it done once and move on to another article.

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