3 Tips on How to Present Your Network Marketing Presentation

If you want to build a large team or after the big money in network marketing, you have to learn how to present your network marketing opportunity. Although I see some leaders in our profession, never ever present one themselves, they are a rare breed. So if you really want to build your organization, you will better learn how to present.

What type of presentations?

Basically there are two main type of presentation, namely, online and offline. If you are brand new or typically new in our profession, offline presentation can be ABC, office event, team event, one-on-one. While online is more commonly term as webinar. Eventually, you will want to work your way to speaking to a sizable crowd to leverage your efforts.

Tip 1: What’s the #1 thing that is important before presentation?

Many distributors think and feel that their company, product and comp plan is very important. While these are important but it’s very “ME focus” and it had not answered prospect #1 question in their head and that is “Can I do it?”. The moment they FEEL they can’t do it, no matter how good the product or the opportunity is, they will not sign up with you or buy.

The other untold factor in presenting your network marketing opportunity is the ability to transfer your own belief to them. This is pretty much a “human” business (some say relationship business) and it’s so true. So if you truly believe in the profession, your opportunity and the MOST important YOURSELF, you literally can transfer that unshakeable belief into them.

Tip 2: Address the elephant in the room

Prospect are clever and they know where you are coming from. So if you can address the elephant in the room during your presentation, it can greatly help you. For example, if you know they will ask “is this mlm?” You can slot in your answer during your presentation like, well you know what, before I got onboard with this opportunity, I was super skeptical because it’s mlm. But when I found out that this not only this model is fair, it also a low risk with low overhead for anyone want to earn some income by the side or start a home business to get started as compare to other traditional business out there where the risk, overhead are high without any much leverage.

Tip 3: Don’t be the know-it-all or be the Mr Perfect

It’s okay to tell your prospect that you don’t know everything yet because you are learning on a daily basis. Most people fall into the trap that they need to know it all first before talking to prospect to IMPRESS them. See, if the network marketer impress them with all they have and after the presentation they say “oh that impressive, thanks but no thanks.” Quite sad isn’t it? So lighten up, be professional and isn’t that good that you can make a tons of money without being an expert with the company?

I hope it helps you clear some doubts and help you better in your next presentation.

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4 thoughts on “3 Tips on How to Present Your Network Marketing Presentation”

  1. This post is indeed a great help to all presenters. I will always use these three tips doing presentations to my prospects.

    Thanks a lot for compiling these world class tips and tricks.

  2. Wow! I was not taught by my upline on all these! What you have written make total sense. I will follow your tips for my next presentation.

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