3 Tips on Internet Network Marketing SEO

So, you have just joined your network marketing company and you are task to get your first website up either for promoting your business or branding.

This may comes to a disadvantage for people who have sites that are new. Below are tips that you can apply it on your new network marketing website or blog.


Platform is very important because it will make or break your search engines results. I’ve seen many time people going for the free route, taking up blogger account. This may not seem so bad at first, but the blog is hosted on other people territory – meaning, if they change rules, your blog may have to go. What I suggest is to go on the paid route, take a wordpress and a decent hosting. By using wordpress alone, your SEO job is about 40% done.

Unique Content

You have to write unique content because we are in a people business. People like you because of the content you write and the value you give. This not only helps you to differentiate who you are among thousand of networkers, it also helps you in the self development department.


Building links is a chore but it is essential. You can build links by writing articles, commenting on other people blog post or submit your website or blog to relevant directories. All of these activities will help your website or blog to rank higher in the search engines.

The above are just some fundamental SEO tips that you need to do when you first starting out. As time goes by, when your website or blog ages, you can do lesser in the link building department. However, please bear in mind that SEO work is required and is a never ending project since search engines keep updating with more complex search algorithms.

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