3 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page

Well, landing pages is the most important asset in our marketing arsenal. It is simple yet powerful to allow businesses to gather leads. However, not all landing pages are built the same.

Some landing page may convert only at 2% while some convert at 40% for every 1000 people visit the landing page. Why is that so? There are many variables into it. However, today, I’m going to touch on the 3 most important factors to improve your landing page.

Keep in mind that this is for people who had their landing page already.

Killer Design Landing Page

Although, I like simple landing page with not much graphic design, however, some niches do need it. Go invest some money into designing a professional landing page. If you do not know html or designing, go find a guy who can do that for you. However, if you want those landing page that is turn key, you may consider OptimizePress. It has proven landing page design and double it up as a blog, membership and sales letter.

Tight Header

Your header should be as tight as possible. It should talk to that group of person that you are target for. And at the same time build¬†curiosity in them. The best headline that I used is benefit headline. It just like talking to your audience that “this is the one I want. I want more information on this topic.” If you can do that, you will have more people opting to your landing page.

Call to Action

Your call to action must be loud and clear. It can be a form of graphic that point to your optin page. Or wording that say the benefit of why you need to optin. Basically, give them a reason why should they give you their email, contact and name.

With that being said, you need to test frequently for your landing page. It may be as simple as changing background color or header word to as complex as changing the layout of your optin form or inserting additional images.

As landing page is part of your sales process, you cannot afford not to use landing page to generate leads for your business and follow up with them.

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