3 Ways on How to Use Facebook Fan Page for Profit and Fun

As we already know that almost everyone of us has at least a Facebook account and most¬† of us have a fan page. Getting a Facebook fan page done is just simply a few clicks here and there. It is what counts after you have created your own fan page. Fan page itself works differently from our profile and groups. People there whom “LIKE” your fan page obviously like what you are offering or have some affinity with you.

If you are running a business, providing a service or gathering of leads, you will need some form of Facebook fan page marketing plan. The stuff we talking now is on high level as to what fan page can do for us. So, I’ll discuss 3 main point on how Facebook fan page can work to our advantage.


The key here is USP or rather unique selling proposition. Although facebook is a social networking tool, fan page environment is not. Therefore, it is the best way for businesses to tap into this to build or extend their brand exposure online. This is a very cost effective way to do so. You may need certain knowledge of direct marketing to make it work for you. If you do not posses that, it’s ok. Just do the usual marketing that you know and comfortable with, you will do just fine too. Remember, don’t just spam your offer, promotion all the time.

Customer Service and Feedback Platform

Facebook fan page can also be use as a point where your customer can LIKE your page and ask question on the products and services that you offer. This is a powerful method because, you can easily make a video of how your product works or a how – to guide to guide them through while on the fan page wall, you can interact with your fans. Remember if you have a unhappy customer, attend to them in a friendly tone and offer a solution. If you can turn things round, it will benefit you and your company.

Driving Sales on Fan Page

Research shows that people who like a Fan page are looking for coupon, discounts over the interaction part. So if you have freebies or coupon or even discounts, its time to bring them out. If you don’t it’s time to create one for your fan page. In this way, your fans will stay on and will be looking forward in your offering. Remember if you are offering a freebie, make sure that you have a strong backend funneling.

As you can see, a single facebook fan page can do a lot of things. Just put on your creativity hat and start thinking.

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