5 Advice to Network Marketer Whose Site Is Experiencing Traffic Drought – By a Networker

MLM Traffic DroughtBy now, you already know that traffic generation comes before leads generation – online. If you are not doing social media marketing or ppc, then, you should be doing SEO, period.

However, doing SEO will take you quite sometime especially if you are doing article marketing, blogging or social bookmarking.

If you are anything like me, choosing the SEO route, then you have to realize a few things before you start seeing any traffic into your funnel.

Remember that this is a relationship industry and people will get to trust you if you seem to appear everywhere online.

Yup, that true.

However, if you are doing this SEO stuff alone, you will probably have not enough time to do all the stuff. But I hope that you have a planner or schedule plan out weekly or monthly. After which, just follow the plan and work it out.

You may ask what if you are doing the same thing over and over again yet your traffic never seems to spike or increase? Well, then the below pointers should be able to help you to overcome the “limited traffic generation” syndrome.

If you are to able to generate tons of traffic to fill up your leads generating funnel, then you have to have the following mindset,

  • Profitability – You will want to target only the most profitability traffic source after you have done your homework for about a minimum of 3 months.
  • Simplicity – Do up a plan that suit your lifestyle. Don’t try to do everything because you will be spread thin and you will lost focus very fast.
  • Sniper Target’ Audience – If you have not know, in our industry there are 6 main groups for us to target. The top 2 groups that you want to target are those who are already in network marketing but yet to make a dime or successful and the other group are people actively searching for information on our industry.
  • Bypassing the Competition – With so much noise ( a lot of network marketer just like you) are out there. So you have to create a USP (Unique Selling Point)  just for yourself. Look at your strength. Capitalize on your strength and build upon it.
  • Consistent – You will want to make whatever traffic generation method consistence. Do not hop around because at the end of the day, you will achieve nothing. This happen to me in my earlier days when I started learning how to market online. I tried several marketing methods and never ever really stick to one. However, when I finally getting it, it really boost my traffic and leads count.

There you have it. My advice to network marketer whose site is experiencing traffic drought. Hope you enjoy it.

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