5 Steps on How to Use Facebook Groups to Find Customers

Most are taught to find leaders or people who want to do the business but to build a solid business, not only do we need leaders, we also need customers. In any kind of business, customers are who keep the business afloat and it’s the same for your network marketing business.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the exact process that I do to find customer using Facebook group and I believe what is being taught here can be use for any network marketing products or services.

Remember, people love to buy stuff.

So, first thing first, if you are in health and wellness, do not find “sick people group.” You will have a lot of explaining to do and you may run into the risk of “misinterpretation” or “misrepresenting” your product. So with that out of the way, here’s are the exact step on how to use Facebook groups to find customers.

Step 1 – Find a niche group

You will want to find an active niche group with 500 members or up. It doesn’t matter if the group is open or closed. The key here is to see if that group have a lot of things going on. Example of a niche. If you are selling skin care, you can join groups like Acne group, Aging group. If you are selling supplements, you can join healthy living group, eat healthy group. You get that idea.

Step 2 – Like and Comment

Do NOT post you product or services the moment you join the group. You run the risk of being banned from the group forever. Be nice. Provide value. Comment or Like their post to show your presence in the group. One tip is that scroll through the feed to see who is the influencer, like and comment their post.

Step 3 – Share Value

Once you get the hang of it, usually 3 to 5 days of Liking and Commenting will have people noticing you. So now is your time to provide value to the group by not posting your product and services, instead, find 3rd party content to post and share. You can also do this while commenting on other people post.

Step 4 – Compliment Admin

Find the admin in the members group and then send them a PM. Compliment them on setting up this group that it have bring much value to you and are happy to be part of. You can go ahead to ask them why they create this group. In short build rapport with the admin as you may need their help to help promote your product in the near future or if you accidentally post your product, you will not get banned immediately. They may get in touch with you to ask you to remove your post.

Step 5 – Connect Members

At this point of time, you will already feel the culture of the group and you can start connecting with members to strike up a conversation. During the conversation, you may or may not pitch your products to them – it all depending on where the conversation leads to. And, you can ask for referral as well.

So that concludes how to use Facebook groups to find customers and hope this post helps you to get more customers for your network marketing business.

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