6 Secrets of Success To Your Network Marketing Business

Let’s face it – there are many secrets of success in network marketing arena.  Some of it focus on system, while some focus on lead generating. These secrets are important in one way or another. However, all of these secrets are not be all end all type of solution to your network marketing business and as a matter of fact, they only deal with one of the many aspect in the business.

Therefore, in the following, I will share with you the 6 secrets of success in network marketing. So let’s us start with the first secret.


Reports and statistics had shown us that many businesses will failed within 2 years of setting up and that includes network marketing companies. Although it is good to be at the ground floor opportunity with new companies, you must also take into consideration the risk involved. Having said that, even a 3 years old company may have risk. But this risk is greatly minimize.

Some companies are public listed. These companies may look into the profit of the shareholder first, company profit second then distributor. It is up to personal preference if you like to be in such company, however, the flip side is, if the sales does not meet what the shareholder wants, the company may have to execute a backup plan to boost profit.

So open your eyes big and do your homework prior joining a network marketing company. This not only save you trouble but will also save you time in future.


We are in the internet age and most if not all business are going online. If you want to choose a network marketing company to join and would like to use internet as your main source of generating leads, then you might want to consider the company that allows you to do online and have online support for its marketing creatives.


This is paramount. Training will make or break your network marketing success. If you are a offline person, then you must find a team that specialize offline training methods or if you are anything like me, like online, then you must find a team that prove themselves online and have members succeeding online using their training methods.


You must have a solid backend system that allows you to do the filtering of leads. You can set up your own or find a company that has one. In fact, there are companies which has such system in place. If your current company does not have one, then you might want to consider setting up one. Setting up a simple leads capture page that leads to your backend system that you can follow up from there.


You must join a team that walks the talk. Many team does that. However, if you look deeper, you may find a lot of difference. For example, some team focus on their team members only while some team believe the real power of team work by helping each other even if they are not on their line. This create a sense of belonging and they will stay longer to see their success that eventually will lead to your success too.


The last element of success which is also important is YOU. With all 5 elements in place, the only deciding factor whether or not to achieve success in network marketing is YOU. With proper mindset and combine that with the 5 elements above you will eventually succeed in your network marketing business.

I truly believe you have the 6 secrets of success right now in your hands.

Go forth and believe in what you have right now and create miracle for yourself, your loved ones and your team!

3 thoughts on “6 Secrets of Success To Your Network Marketing Business”

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  2. Hi Joseph, thanks for you compliment. I appreciate it. Yup, it’s sad that some just quit before seeing any success.

  3. Hi Jeffrey, wonderful article!

    You have touch on the topic well especially what you said about Team. Often times, many new network marketers join without knowing whether their upline or team will really care for them. Their main frustration about them is they have no team or upline support or whatsoever. This is bad for someone who really wanna make it in this industry.

    Keep more coming.


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