7 Strategies for Success in Cold Market Prospecting

We all know that to succeed in network marketing is to have unlimited people to talk to. This requires skill, effort and consistency from you. There’s a saying in “a friend is a stranger we have never met – yet”. So in this post, I’m going to share with the 7 strategies to successful cold market prospecting.

Strategy 1 – Be uncomfortable

You will need to be doing the uncomfortable actions to get comfortable in the later part of your network marketing career or life. It’s very difficult (not saying its impossible) to build a huge empire relying on warm market. So get out there, learn the skill and get connect with strangers.

Strategy 2 – We are in sorting business

Although we want everyone whom we are in contact with to join us but in reality, this is hardly the case. You will have to understand that some are skeptics, while some still prefer their current job. So let them be. If you drag them to sign, you gotta drag them to do the things necessary in our profession – which is tiring for both.

Strategy 3 – Don’t get too personal

We are in business. The person you talk to is not going to be your girlfriend, boyfriend or marry you. Don’t get too hung up on why they didn’t want to join you. Especially, don’t get too personal. Do not scold or talk bad about the person who didn’t join. Instead focus those who are willing to talk to you to find out more of what you have.

Strategy 4 – Work the numbers

There is safety in numbers. As the late Jim Rohn say “if you do things long enough, there will be a ratio.” That is the ratio in your cold market prospecting. The better you get working with your numbers, the better your ratio is.  It could be when you talk to 10, only 1 show up at your event. Eventually, if you get good at it, it could be when you talk to 10, 1 join.

Strategy 5 – Plan Do Review (PDR)

Plan, do and review your progress in your network marketing business. If you fail to check, how can you possibly know if you gotten any improvement. You can do this alone or with an accountability buddy. You can review weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Strategy 6 – Act it Be it

Nobody is going to know where you building your business from. It could be at your garage, it could be at your rented 1 room flat or whatever. Act as if you are already successful (but not that kind of fake-it-till-you-make-it or lie your way out). By acting the part, there some magical things happen. You being to think and act successful. This in turns allow you to attract success.

Strategy 7 – Be consistent

I can’t stress this enough. You gotta be consistent. This is your own business, you set your own time and schedule but that does not means you can relax. You need to put new people through your information process on a daily basis. It could be 2 a day or 5 a day. Form a habit of connecting to X number of people daily.  Success comes through doing the right activities on a consistent basis.

So here you have it! If you find this post useful, share it to your team.

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