A Story of Singapore Internet Network Marketer...

Back in 2007, I had enough of my working life. I’ve not enough time to pursue the things I love and not enough money to buy the things I like.

With the living expenses rising, I found my paycheck is not enough – I do not have enough cashflow. I start to getting afraid of what my future will be.

Maybe you are having the same situation right now.

I knew I had to change.

I Fired My Boss…..

I thought that if I were the boss, everything would do fine for me. I would have more time and money and that I can do the things I love. I started a small internet marketing consultancy business where I provide internet marketing services to business owners.

Initially, my business was doing good but due to economy downturn, business owners seek cheaper alternatives to advertise their business. My business went down hill. I found myself working more than 12 hours daily and that affected my health. I don’t know what to do next and my dream of working for myself quickly vanish. My confidence drop.

Things were so bad that I left with a few hundred in my bank account…..

Never Give Up….

It is the desire of not getting back to workplace spur me on. I want freedom so badly that I gladly accept any ad-hoc assignment I could land on.

I read a book and it says “Don’t give up on your dreams”. Success is round the corner. If you give up on your dream, you will never succeed.

Priceless Lesson Learn From My Failure….

One take away that I’ve learned and you should too is being able to adapt to changes. The only constant is our life is CHANGE. If we failed to adapt to changes, we will be change – by the society.

Many people blamed on their surrounding and living in a world of “What If”. That makes them powerless to change. It is the limiting belief that they placed on themselves that they are only capable to do just that.

Each of us have total control in our life – if we let them to be. And it a double edge sword too. In which area you focus will have both positive and negative effect on your life. When you focus on being better each day, success will follow you. You attract success – no matter who you are.

Bounced Back to Be a Professional Singapore Internet Network Marketer

In late 2010, while surfing Facebook, one of my mutual friend on Facebook introduce me to take a look at a business opportunity. It is a network marketing business. I said to myself “Oh no not again!” But I thought to myself, this might be the break I’m searching for.

I got the business started and approach my warm market. Most rejected me because I’m using the wrong approach back then. So, I start using my internet marketing knowledge and I started seeing result in Facebook.

Long story short, using social media sites like Facebook, I’m able to build my business both locally and overseas.

What’s My Secret?

I learn the skills needed to succeed in this profession and you can too! It’s not difficult to learn at all and for most part, we already have the skill built-in since the day we were born.

One Take-Away as A Network Marketer….

Recognising that this profession can have an impact on people life. This power is in the hand of each individual in this profession. Personally, I’ve seen how families life have been change for the better – whether you are a mom, teacher, underachiever, student or whichever occupation you are in now, your life can change for the better.

Anything is possible for you when you embrace network marketing as a true profession and a business. You will be amazed at how many people you can touch.

You Can Live Your Dream Too….

I believe there is greatness in everyone of us. It is up to us to open up that greatness to really give value to the marketplace, to impact and to change. I look forward in connecting with you and helping you in anyway I can.

Believe in yourself that you have greatness in you to do so much better than you can now.

To Your Success,
Jeffrey Chew
Singapore Internet Network Marketer