Achieve Network Marketing Success – Not Everyone Can

There’s a saying that goes like this, Network Marketing (MLM) is for everybody but not for anybody.

I did not quite know the meaning behind it when I first hear it few years back, but I do now and I’m going to share with you why some achieve success in network marketing while some shun network marketing like a plague.

You see, not everyone is prepare for his or her own success. They probably scare about what success can bring to them.

They may want

  • freedom,
  • debt free,
  • more quality time with family, etc.

But they still prefer to stay within their comfort zone. It’s not that they don’t believe or do not understand about the power of Network Marketing (MLM), it’s just that they FEAR.


Fear transform us adults into a timid child. You see, babies who learn how to start walking in their early age, do they fear? No. They fall, stand up, try, fall, stand up, try, fall till they succeed.

Do they fear of walking?

Absolutely not!

Now, why do we adults fear? Is it because of our responsibility? Or “face” issue? Or because of financial difficulties?

Nope. All these are just superficial. However, if one is in deep financial difficulties, I urge them not to join till they have some savings.

They are just surface issue. They can’t get out of their comfort zone to pursue what they are after. So if you want to achieve network marketing success, seek out people just like you or hungry for success and can work as a team to propel each others to greatness.

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