Alice Sim How A Working Mom Juggling Between Family and Online Business

I’m grateful and humbled to interview Singapore one of the more successful Mompreuner Alice Sim.  She’s a working mom with 2 beautiful kids. Let’s go on a journey with her and let her share with you why she start a home business while working and how she juggle between family, work and her online business, shall we? Good? So, lets get started.

1. Where were you born? What’s your childhood dream?

Hi everyone, my name is Alice and I’m born in Malaysia, a kampung girl, with “O” Level education (in malaysia is called SPM certification). At the age of 6, I’ve started helping my mom in the vegetable farm. Although it’s hard but I find joy while doing and in my opinion, it doesn’t feel like it’s the worst job ever! LOL

My dad open his glass and welding business when I was primary 3. My mom stopped working at the farm and helped my dad. I consider this as a family business because I would come back from school, helping my dad to finished welding doors, smooth glass edges and other tasks. Although this is meant for guys, but I took up with pride because this is my own family business.

Although I want to be an athlete when I was younger back then but like many others, my parents want me to go to school, get good grade, find a good job and settle down. As an obedient daughter, I followed my parent advice because I feel they want us to be good.

2. Why did you come to Singapore?

I’ve been working in my country for 3 years as an account assistance. I came over to Singapore in the hopes of getting better pay because of the currency exchange rate. In order to do that, I went for further studies in accounting and electrical engineering, so that I can bring more money back to my hometown in Malaysia.

3. What are you working as now in Singapore and for how long?

I’m working as an accountant for 20 years in Singapore and it’s like kind of marriage contract that I was an accountant back in Malaysia too.

4. Did you start any side business previously? If yes, what are they and your experience.

The company I’m working with sell educational books. With the technology advances, eBooks are getting more and more popular and into the mainstream. People are also environmental conscious. They want to save trees, thus the company I’m working for is affected by this. They start retrenching old staff and for those luckily survived had little to no increment. And like other jobs, you are required to multi task. Initially, I kind of not used to it because I was paid for 1 position. But when I look at another perspective, if I can learn other roles, won’t that be good for me?

That comes with a price. The price of working long hours. I have to miss the moments with my kids. I asked myself, “what if I got retrench?” “Do I have another source of income to support my family?” “What would happen If I sick?” “ How easily I can get a new job?”

So I began searching on the internet, I saw banners, text links and online advertisement promoting the concept of making money online and selling products online. This sparked me.

I was thinking to myself, if other people can do it, why can’t I and if this work out well, I can fire my boss, have more time with my kids and can help reduce my family expenses. So, I got started my 1st eCommerce business. Back then, the technology is not that advance as now. Starting one need a bit of technical know-how on top of learning how to market and source for products. I started anyway with no experience. It was an eye opening experience. Although my eCommerce business bringing me some income, I find myself spending most of my free time doing fulfilment, product sourcing, talking to supplier, stocking up, customer service and technical issues.

One word – Exhausted.

5. What makes you get started in network marketing that your current job or past business is lacking?

Although my 1st eCommerce is consuming most of my time, but I know it could work. So I wind up my eCommerce business and went in search for a better way to do eCommerce.

In February 2016, I chance upon this eCommerce business and I was told it is a network marketing company. I was super skeptical and navie ad the same time. How can an eCommerce business be a network marketing company too? My skepticism also comes from being pitch countless of time people earning big commission with little or no work involved.

I walk away from that opportunity.

But, I still remember vividly that 2 things made be turn around to consider that eCommerce I was presented to. First being, at that point of time, my health condition was not in good shape and I greatly in search of something alternative that can help me. Secondly, after doing my own research of network marketing, I found out that this is just another way a company distribute their product and/or services. It also the lowest risk, lowest overhead of anyone to start a business, without figuring out on their own. One of the biggest realization is that, I see a lot of people from various companies, backgrounds and education level are making it.

And when I finally understood the meaning of leverage and passive income, I look to my job. I don’t have much leverage, instead my boss have leverage because they leverage off my skill and time while I was slaving away to make other people dream come true.

That’s when I realize that I was disposable. If I don’t upgrade, I will get replace.

That is what changed my mindset about network marketing.

6. As a working mom, how do you juggle family time, your own time and business time?

I’ve come to realize that in life, something had to let go in exchange for a better one. To run my network marketing business, I will get my hubby and babysitters to help in chores and train my kids. I also keep a to-do-list and will pen down the day before so that my time are well spent.

With that being said, I have huge respect for people who has built a business while working on their job, raising kids and I’ve been constantly challenging myself and I feel very worthwhile.

7. How did you work your network marketing business? Is it online or offline, tell us more about it.

As a mom, time is extremely limited, so I turn to online to build my business. It is also easier for me to reach out to people locally and internationally. I would make new connection with people daily and to see if they are open to what we have to offer them and give them an out if the offer isn’t right for them.

One of my favourite question to ask is “If you’d like to take a look, If not, no worries.”

Then if they are keen to know more, I’ll use tools to help me. Occasionally, I do meet up with people but most of the time, I prefer doing it on skype or zoom.

8. In your own words, what is the most important element in succeeding in network marketing?

I believe the Rule #1 is to be yourself, be one self that walk the talk, self affirmation, vision, persistence and express to everyone on what we’re offering is so important. When people begin to associate with what you’re providing you’ll find that they aren’t thinking of the overall sales pitches that you’re a part of, instead they’re thinking of you – who we really are a person.

Rule #2 is don’t let your emotions take over and control what you’re doing. In short, you have to be able to detach yourself emotionally from the potential outcome of your presentation, or efforts will lead to – in other words, love what you’re doing and emotions shouldn’t impact professionalism in any way and being able to learn from a negative response and move on – not let it drag you down.

Rule #3 is to enjoy the journey and don’t let it go, should truly love your business, the products, and enjoying when recruiting others, with the ability to keep positive and stay focused when facing setbacks, willingness to learn more about business and conveying the message to people you talk to. When people see that you’re truly in love with what you do and what you have to offer them, it can easily impact their ability to see the benefits to them. Be prepared for bad things to happen, such as challenges that when people to say ‘no’. To be confident in what you’re currently doing so you don’t lose faith in yourself, reading books everyday that can help your business to grow, learn, adapt, and grow from it.

Rule #4 is understand what you’re doing, know what you’re selling — will you be able to answer any questions that customer may have about? Are you armed with plenty of stories about your business and how it can help to change someone’s life? You’ll want to understand not only everything you can about your business and products, but also about how to talk to others, asking the right Questions, how to connect and building rapport and how to grow.

Rule #5 is follow the system, the beauty of the network marketing system is that is to use the system. Teach your team on how to use company tools that already working for you and other top earners — such as presentations materials and trainings support. Learn more about what your team need and good at and help them grow.

9. Why should people never give up on their dreams?

When I look at my children, all I want is to put food on the table, giving them the best growing childhood possible while making positive impact in their life, despite what others is saying. Because, nobody is going to pay for your bills except me.

In life, I’ve learn that either you get rewarded or punished by the decision you made. If I continue, my percentage of succeeding will increase which means I get rewarded. However, if I quit, my percentage of fulfilling my dream is 0% – in others word, I get punished by my decision.

It about deciding. If a person deciding to get in shape, nothing else can stop them until they get in shape. Likewise for building a business. If you decided to, don’t look back. If you feel you can’t afford to start, look to your dreams, can they afford to wait?

How many 10 years do we have?

10. Last question, any advice to give to moms whom want to start a home based business like yourself?

Starting a business is not for everyone, but the advantages of a home based business are obvious to anyone, they’re especially compelling. People love the idea of being able to be their own boss and work from the comfort of their own home. So my tips is to start one right now, don’t wait for tomorrow, just like Jeffrey, he already able to wake up by your own without waking up by an alarm clock 🙂

For us moms (ladies especially), we are already a natural networkers. We talk almost anything under the sun. This profession if you accept it, would be the most fulfilling career you ever had. And just so you know, almost 80% of the entire profession is made up of women. As a mom, I see perks in network marketing. Apart from the income, the self development, the environment and the positive vibes that we bring to ourselves and our kids is something that job cannot give. Network marketing is present to us as mom the lowest risks, lowest overheads for an average person to start their home business by the side.

Alice, thanks so much for this interview.

If you want to connect with Mompreneur Alice and learn more about her, go over to her Facebook profile by click here. 

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