Amazing 44.44% Conversion For My Network Marketing Efforts

I can’t contain my joy with the initial results that I’ve been getting for my network marketing efforts using MLMSP.

Now guys,  if you compare my previous post where you can see that figure 6 it had jump to 11 and I had 3 convert into my marketing pipeline. On top of that, I created another campaign today and have 1 convert into my pipeline so far.

What I do is to share my site with like minded person on facebook and write articles about it. I don’t have a list for me to market, in fact, I just started building list when I had this program. I should say this program that I’m in is the HOLY GRAIL of Network Marketing. They have their marketing plan layout for you, training materials are so comprehensive with videos tutorials, training calls and most importantly is their high conversion landing pages.

I personally think that if without their highly conversion landing pages, I would not have that kind of results. I’m now glad that my first problem had been eliminate which is, finding and generating leads for my network marketing program.

If you would like to know more of the system and experience it for yourself (cause it’s value pack and words can’t describe all here), goto

However, if you want to learn about how to monetize Facebook or what we call Facebook marketing, then go to Facebook marketing for Network Marketer.

I’ll see you inside.

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