Are You Adding Friends On Facebook The Correct Way

Shortly after I brand myself as an internet network marketer on facebook, I receive tons of current facebook friends email from within facebook. That is ok because majority of them knew that I was once a traditional network marketer.

However, one thing that really pi** me off is, most of the invites I receive are from the same trade as I am. But the thing is, do they ever know that MLM is a people relationship business? I once receive friends invite of up to 50 a day. And 98% of them are just empty. You know what I mean.

They don’t even bother to add in personal message function.

The reason why I know is because, I basically go over each and everyone of their profile and see who are they and what they do. But well, most of them are networker but they treat their business like a toy.

What the use of finding friends or potential business partners on facebook without typing in personal message, like,

Hi So-So,

Nice meeting you. I’ve seen that you are a networker too. Shall we connect?

Your name.

See, this is so simple and take you like less than 5 seconds to do it.

The bottomline is, if you are a networker and going around adding friends just like that will not get you anywhere, unless you learn the rope. Right, enough of my ranting and hope if you are reading this post and not doing the personal touch, do so today.

It’s that small details that count – seriously

And I’ve made lots of networkers friends on facebook, even though I’m not under their team. So, that really count dude.

2 thoughts on “Are You Adding Friends On Facebook The Correct Way”

  1. Hi Jeff. I totally agree about adding a short personal message to a friend request. It is a brief introduction and is also just simply… common courtesy. It opens the door to more communication with that person. How can you be friends with someone whom you know nothing about? Friendships and relationships develop over time as you get to know more about the person.

    I also have checked profiles of most people who request to add me as a friend. Occasionally, before deciding whether to accept, I have sent a message to the person who does not add a personal message to their request. Then, depending on their response, I decide if I want to add them and build a friendship.

    Jeff, you always post such interesting topics and information. Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree: a lot of people are just friending everyone they can just on the off chance one might see a link on their page and join their business. They don’t care about building relationships. They think network marketing is a numbers game. Not true.

    Another thing that gets me is… the person who asks for friendship and then places an ad for their business on my wall. I have had to put in my bio box: DO NOT PUT ADS ON MY WALL

    The only way to build a business that will last is to build relationships with people. Help people get what they want and you will get everything you want.

    Thank you for your friendship, Jeff. I am glad to know you.

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