Are You Reaping The Benefits of Article Marketing in MLM?

Many may tried article writing and content marketing when they start their network marketing business. But almost 95% of them who did tried drop off in the first month.

It is not their fault, it is just that article marketing take times to see result.

Article Marketing For Network Marketing

Most people know that network marketing is a people business. And, most know that apart from article marketing, there are many ways to get leads.

However, most forget the foundation of a good business.

People buy from someone who they know like and trust.

So the foundation of it is to let your target audience to first know and like you first.

This can done via through videos, articles or posting.

Article marketing can go a long way if done right. Many just drop off because they do not have the sufficient knowledge to write on certain topic. This should not be an excuse not to write. The simple reason is, if you lack of knowledge for a certain topic, you can read up and write as part of your journey.

You will be amazed how many people will want to know your challenges and wins.

Let’s back up and see the whole picture, article marketing gives use network marketer 3 things.

  • Backlinks to our website
  • Gain more exposure
  • Build trust and credibility online

As you can see from the above, these 3 points are the very basic foundation in internet network marketing online.

You can also use facebook, linked or instagram post to build that foundation – as long as it build you a quality relationship.

If you are doing a very successful facebook marketing, you probably know that content is important on your blog and that content directly translate into knowledge which prospect look upon.

So, simply get your first article out. It will be difficult at first but as you start writing the second article, you will find it more easier.

Oh, if you don’t want to have a domain or a website, you can use the following to showcase your knowledge.

You can use this site to write article :-

2 thoughts on “Are You Reaping The Benefits of Article Marketing in MLM?”

  1. There’re advantages definitely. First, links building improve our blog/website page rank. Secondly, once the articles directory likes the quality of our articles, they and other sites will fetch our blog posts automatically.

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