Are You Sharing or Selling in Network Marketing

“I only want to share this super ninja juice to you.”

“I want to share this great business opportunity to you.”

“I am not selling you anything, I only here to share this opportunity to see if this fit you.”

Does the above look familiar?

Many times, people uses the word SHARE when they want to present you their business plan, opportunity or products but we are SELLING. Now, whether you like it or not, if you start talking about your plan, opportunity or products, you are selling. If you are interviewing someone and the person at the end of the table are telling you why you should recruit or hire him or her, they are selling to you. If you are in dating, you probably sell the best of you to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So, everyday we sell.

We sell our plan, opportunity and products to the world by sharing to them. If you don’t sell and just share, do you think the money will just drop from the sky? I doubt so. If you go into sharing mode, you are indirectly selling why they should need your product or join your team. And this is very different in sharing the restaurant that you been to or places that you been to.

So, if you still think there is no selling in network marketing, you gotta wake up your idea and start getting used to it. Sharing in network marketing is selling – it is just another way of telling people that you need not to sell.

But how are you going to get good at selling by sharing?

You have to first get pass your internal obstacles that as a matter of fact you are selling someone something. If you cannot, it is very difficult to proceed on to the next step or even see success in your business.

Next, you have to constantly improve the way you share to sell. What words to use, your tonality, your posture and your knowledge. The better you improve in all these area, the better your results will be. The best way is to weave in some story telling elements in it. The better the story the better your results.

So if you still feeling uncomfortable in talking to people, chances are, you are not used to selling. As I had said above, you have to overcome that obstacles and go out to the world to do it. Only then, the universe will tell you your result and then you can improve from there.

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