Are You The Glorified Salesman To Your Network Marketing Company?

Yes, you been to your network marketing company events or gala. You probably seen how your leaders manage to close and having a huge organization under them. The company think highly of you. They want to groom you. Their field directors will want to shake you hand and tell you that you are the best.

And your company products are the best. Your products are one of the kind on Earth. You are the ONLY ONE that can make the difference AND if you want to stand on the stage or get that director badge, then you have to SELL, SELL, SELL.

Phew. That was too much wasn’t it. Well, sadly, it’s a fact.

I still see many network marketers keep telling themselves they are not salesman. But they went on and on pitching you on how great their company is, how long their company has been in this industry, how many millions of sales they make and even some went to the extend of saying this product is so good that it will sell by themselves.

Right, now let’s us back up a bit. Think for a moment. Do you belong to any the above? If no, then good. It shows that you are doing the right thing. However, if you belongs to one or all of the above, you must sit up and open your mind to listen to what I have to say.

You see, as a company, what does it really takes to survive? Sales right?

And sales comes from where? Marketing right? Without marketing, which is YOU, the company falls. So, what choice does the company have? Instead of going the traditional method where you get paid monthly and you MUST hit a certain quota, in network marketing, you are alone. Even though they say, WE ARE WORKING AS A TEAM. Yes, some team are good, some average, some not so good.

So, to ensure the company survival, they have to paint a very good picture of you, to make you feel good, to make you feel that you are so good that you can make it – which is good. But what good is that have to be if you can’t even sponsor 2 people every week and yet still have to pay autoship monthly?

Do they even care if you have enough to get by? What they want is JOE, the system need your details so that we can send you your monthly autoship (so that you have enough to SELL SELL SELL and SHARE SHARE SHARE and your upline or company have that extra cash from you).

Got it?
Wake up already?

Now, I’m not trying to offend someone here. But hey, look around, ask around, research. Do your own home work.

But what if you are taught the correct way? Where you are not the Glorified Salesman but a person who are a valuable assets in your prospect eyes. Where you can build a following of what you call your own. Where you have in control of those leads that you find? Where people just like you who are stuck in the rut finally make it and want you to do the same like them?

What if…………………..

A solution is now right in front of you. I pretty sure you will want to grab it. If that’s the case ( I hope too), here’s what I want you to do.

Go to the link below, sign up with your name and email and on the very next page, you will find ALL information that will open your eyes and mind of what I had said earlier on.

These information are all free for you to use and apply. You can even ask your team members to use it too and I don’t get a cent out from you. So click on the link below, fill in your name and email to access all the information that your company does not want you to know.

==> Leads Sponsoring Is Easy When You Know The Truth.

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