Are You Using Blog For Your Network Marketing Business

Ahh…you probably know about or research that you need a blog to be your central hub to dominate all your company keywords or at least establish your own branding. Well, if you ask me, you have to do all these in the very near future.

Yes, you hear me right. It is in the near future and not now, especially if you just join as a newbie or 3 months or so.

Now, this post may or may not blow up to a big issue. But we come to network marketing for various reasons. But one reason is for sure – to earn money. I’ve seen newbies without technical knowledge setting up their blog that eventually tires them out. I’ve also seen some talented people who are so busy setting up blog just because they want to brand themselves online to generate quality leads. Although the directions they are heading is right but the process for them is slow.

Why I Say So?

See, let say, if you are a leader and just recruit or enroll a new member, won’t you want him or her to start it right correctly? To learn the profitable way of doing network marketing business? As most of us probably know this, people don’t care how much you know but how much you care for them.

And we know we are in people business, why not generate leads, pick up the phone and build relationship?

Everybody starts from clean sheet. So it is ok to say that you just started. Prospect will appreciate your honesty.

When you get the hang of what is going on in your present network marketing company, then maybe you can consider setting up a blog to be your central hub. By then, you probably not going to set up one because you know how to build a team without one.

So, do what it takes to make you money and not what it doesn’t .

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