Are You Using This Type of Internet Marketing Technique

Leads generation software are of great help to your business if you know how to use it properly and if you know how to market your business properly, those scraper tool will be worthless to you.

We are now living in a connected environment where information are constantly popping up in front of us. This is good as we save time looking for the information we want. However, if you did it the wrong way, not only will you information get ignored, you probably will be reported as spam or being blacklisted.

Today, while checking my email, I receive the following email from someone whom I do not know.

Obviously, the sender do not do his homework because my last post for my primary business is only 3 days back. Not only that, when I type in into my browser, it went to LeadNetPro with his affiliate id intact.

So, does this marketing technique get that email sender sales? There should be.

Is it a long term technique? I don’t think so.

The above email may be enticing to network marketer whom are seriously lack of leads but as a network marketer yourself, take a step back, do this sender really interested in what you are offering to them? Do they ask relevant question about your primary business or at least interested in certain portion of your business.

Don’t fall into the trap of replying them back.

For most of the time, they will sell you their system where you know better than anybody else that, leads generated by yourselves is the most targeted and most loyal to you. It is because you provide value, you give them your leadership and attention and that is why, they willing to give up their contact to you.

Before signing off this blog post, in online world, it is all about traffic, traffic and more traffic. If you know where to find relevant traffic, you will no longer fear of not have qualified leads and yes, you can generate all that kinds of free leads on social networking platforms.

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