Is Article Marketing For Network Marketer Still Effective?

With the social media maturing, one may wonder if article marketing for network marketer still valid channel to build the business?

The answer is yes.

Here’s why, in our industry people follow people and hence the name, networking. If you can create a piece of content that is either informational, educational or thought provoking, you will bound to have a large following overtime.

Your prospect will first know you through the content you put out to judge you before they trust you.

Although PPC and other paid methods are more faster and more direct, you must have a strong backend or marketing yourself on your landing page effectively. I know article marketing needs massive action to get started and persist but the efforts is well made.

Let me illustrate to you my own article marketing efforts.

article marketing for network marketer

So as you can see from the above, with only 7 articles and 220 views (that is about 31.4 views per article) and about 15.7 views per day since day one till this post, I have one sign up from the 14 clicks that I have in my article marketing efforts.

As you can see, article marketing is still an effective channel to build your brand and have people reaching out to you. Research shows that 89% of B2B searchers begin their search on search engines. This means that if you are doing any sort of recuritment, most people start from search engine looking for people who show in search to get connect with.

Let me share with you 3 tips on to do article marketing for network marketer effectively.

Tip 1 – Article Marketing For Network Marketer

First of all, you will need to decide which angle or image do you want to portray. If you do a search online, you will discover that it falls into 2 main groups. The first group is a group of very well known and establish networkers who teach and sell their knowledge. The second group is a group where they blog with content and openly ask you to work with them. So you will have to find out which group you want to belongs to. If you are just starting out, you can start off with the second group.

Tip 2 – Article Marketing For Network Marketer

After deciding which angle, next you will need to decide what broad topics do you want to cover. You can cover broad topics like digital marketing for network marketers that has many sub topic like seo, facebook advertising, tik tok, google ad, etc. Or you can cover products specific like example if you are in a household product business, you can cover topics like household products information, demo video, etc. You get the idea.

Tip 3 – Article Marketing For Network Marketer

Before you start writing any topics, you need to understand that no one article is the same. Each article is written at different stages in your potential buyer/team member journey. Meaning, if they are starting out to explore, they may research topic like “Is network marketing for me?” or “Can network marketing make me money?”.

After they understand what network marketing is about, the next question they might ask themselves would probably be “Can I do network marketing online?” or “What type of requirements do I need to succeed?” or “Professional network marketer in Singapore”. As you can see, their thought process is different. Now they are considering network marketing as an option. Before they commit themselves, they do even more research.

After they have done the research, they might find a company or product that they like and start doing even deeper research. If they like travel, they might be keying in “travel team leader in Singapore”. If you sell essential oils, a probable search terms might be “essential oil team leader Singapore.” Now, you can replace Singapore to your city or country.

When they land on your page after the search term, and your article on that page is written in a way that is relevant to them, it will increase the chances of them connecting with you. This is article marketing for network marketers at its finest.

No longer, you have to chase or bug people. Now people are searching you out wanting to join you.

Now, does it that times? Sure.

Does it take effort? Sure.

What if you haven’t start? Well, you can start now by following the above 3 tips on article marketing for network marketer.

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