Article Marketing For Network Marketers

Article marketing is still alive and kicking.

Why I say so? Look at the stats below.

MY Ezineartilces stats

So as you can see from the above, this is my stats for ezinearticles. To date I have 35 LIVE articles on ezinearticles but I have over 3ooo views to my articles and have 13.9% click through from my articles to my blog.

So, article marketing for network marketers is still alive and well. If you have not yet written any article for your blog, you should write now because by writing articles and post it on ezinearticles you will have the following effects,

  1. Position yourself as a leader
  2. Your prospect will do a research on you to see where you stand
  3. Juicy powerful backlinks to your blog to increase search engine rankings

With these positive effect on your blog and your brand, the question here is Why Not Do It?

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