Avoid Facebook to Suspend Your Account or Adding Friends

DISCLAIMER: This post is done with permission from my facebook friend. All names and picture are blur and blocked for privacy. This post is not intended to say any negative remarks or comments to any of the person involved. It is meant for educational purposes only.

So, let me show you the screen shot first and I’ll explain it later.

As you can see from the above, apparently my friend could not add any friends. Maybe what he does is consider spam to others and others just complain to facebook. And his post sparked many of his friends to comment on his post.

You see, just from the post above, there are people already either being suspended or cannot add any more friends. Despite social networking is new, but the fundamental of socialize still stays. You are what you publish. People may tolerate once in a while of pitching but not long term.

And I know some of my friends whom dislike friends of friends to add them – because some of them are from some “company” to recruit people, so to speak. And if you fall into the category of tagging people with your products or services (where the other party did not consume any of your services or products), you too may face the same situation if they start to file complain against you.

Now, I know tagging is fine unless you know the person personally.

It is like when you walk into a party and interrupt others whom are already chatting away without you introducing yourself. You will feel disturb right if you are the one being interrupt.

So, do socialize and build relationship with each of your friends before selling or pitching them your business or product. People do business with people they like and remember, you are what you publish.

Don’t make a single mistake on social that will ruin your reputation.

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