Believe to See or See to Believe

Ahh…this one has been a classic (at least to me) when I know what it means. I’ve been asking a lot of people which one will they choose,

Believe to See


See to Believe

Guess what?

Out of 10 person that I randomly asked, 8 out of 10 choose See to Believe. While there is no right or wrong answer, the rational behind it is somewhat important to you, especially when you are in the home based business or network marketing industry and here’s why…..

See to Believe

You see, most people would want to see something happen before their eyes then they will believe that this is something worth buying, believing or workable which yet again is not wrong. But let’s us switch over to network marketing just for a brief moment, do you want to see others who has earned a million then you jump into it and work your butts off? Or do you want to see how the product will work for you (it may takes a couple of months before the product will really do its magic on you) then you jump into this opportunity.

Sometimes, when you are out prospecting, you may encounter somebody saying, “how much do you earn per month/currently?”. Well, these people wants to see your paychecks before they believe they themselves can do it.

Another group of people who really falls into this category is salesman. Do you notice that, they want to see the products then they will say “ok, i believe in it, so let’ make some sales”. Salesman are basically has that See to Believe mentality.

But what about Believe to See?

Believe to See

Well, a person whom believe to see is somewhat a person whom stand out from the rest of the person. Why is that so? It is because they know where their abilities lies, they know exactly what they are capable of and most importantly they know that they can do it. In short, they believe in themselves and does not allow others to tell them what they do.

You may call in arrogant, stubborn but they have their own strong belief system.

It is this belief system that they got it built in will bring them success.

They believe to see that they will go to where they want to be and bring along like minded people to go with them.

Do you think that people who see to believe will follow the them? I highly doubt so. It is because, in the network marketing industry, it is proven time and time again there’s money to be made and procrastination is the number 1 killer in this industry.

And these people who see to believe will never ever really pick up the phone to dial because they can’t believe to see that they can make it.

So which group you belongs to? If you belongs to see to believe group, it’s high time to transit from see to believe to believe to see.

I know you can because many have done it before you.

I wish you all the best!!

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