Conquer the Internet DVD Review

Conquer The Internet DVD

**Please note that this is only a review**

Few days back, I finally receive my Conquer the Internet DVD. Since I stay outside US, therefore, the dvd finally reach my house about 14 days. Well, here my review of the Conquer the Internet DVD.

Please note that due to copyright issue, I can’t show you the whole stuff but I will give you an overview what the dvd is all about. So that for those who are still sitting on the fence whether or not to order can have an informed decision.


The Conquer the Internet DVD is separated into 6 different chapters and in each chapters is build upon the previous one. Therefore, one had to watch from chapters one to six. It is about a hour long that anyone can view in one sitting.

Norbert, along with Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer was featured in the dvd. They also share some of their life experiences in network marketing industry. Members like Jim Chao, Tracy Walker to name a few were being featured and interviewed to share their success.

Norbert being the main presenter in this dvd will take you through the basic but essentially overview on why people must use internet to do their network marketing business. He also reveal the top 10 essential item to run a successful online business. In fact, these 10 items are worth the gold for any people who wants to start a business online.


However, for those who consider themselves as intermediate online marketer may find the information useless to them. This is absolutely true because, the dvd covers the basic foundation to build a successful and sustainable online business. Without this basic foundation, one may find it difficult to build a sustainable business online.

Value Added

Also, Brian Fanale share insight of Perry Marshall famous quote. In it he dissect the quote into easy-to-understand information for the majority of people to understand.

If you are still wondering if getting one is worth your time and money, I should say, it’s definitely worth every penny. Not because I’m into the program, it’s because of the value that the dvd provides. Even if you do not want to do network marketing, the information provides inside could have sold at least hundreds in the other side of the internet marketing world.


On top of that, it’s also much better for you to know the components or module that you need to build an online business and how to integrate free and paid methods into your blog or website.

So guys, if you are reading this review and want to order one, please get back to the person whom you know and order from them. If you just stumble upon this review, simply either shoot me an email or comment below and I will get in contact with you.

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