Conquering Fear Achieving Success in Network Marketing

What really keeps you from dreaming your dream?

What really keeps you away from picking up that 500 pound gorilla to dial your prospect?

What problem is most dominant in peoples lives?

Well, you probably guess as much –


Fear is within you and me. We can’t eliminate them totally, even the most successful people have fear. However, fear is but only an illusion that created within us. Some fear is healthy while some are not. Those negative fear will slowly become more powerful that they can grow into a battalion and hit us on our weak spot.

However, if we really look deeper into these type of negative fear, it become apparent. It is not that “kind” of fear we really fear. It is that kind of fear that we afraid of when we succeed. As the saying goes, the more success we have, the more responsibility we have to shoulder. So, these people are fear not because they “fear”, they fear what will happen when they become somewhat successful in their own rights.

They did not plan for what will happen to them if they really become successful and when a dream crusher comes along their way, they will just hit them hard with one swift blow. Thus, that poor little guy/gal will never ever see their dream come true.

How do we conquer our fear and achieve success in network marketing?

We know that when we were small, we tend to dream of what we want to be when we grow up. However, this gradually changes when reach adulthood. No more we dream of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, buying nice houses for parents, becoming a teacher or whatever your dreams are. These dreams are being replaced by a stable job, stable paycheck and pray for the company won’t retrench you.

In order to get back our dreams, we need to change our belief system. This belief system is what we have during our childhood time. We fear of nothing. We just want to get to where we want to be. This is the kind of belief system that will shattered all negative thoughts and keep dream crusher at bay.

So what you going to do today after reading this is to learn to act with your intellect by exposing your true fears by either talking to your upline or closed ones, tell them really what are your fears are and the belief in your network marketing career, business or journey. Thus, in this way, you will better know yourself and have other better know you and eventually you will see things in other perspective and free  yourself so you can

1) Pick up that 500 pound gorilla and start connecting with prospect

2) Take on a responsible role as a leader

3) Position yourself to what you are meant to do, have and become!

I wish you all the best in rediscovering your dreams and work towards it!

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