What the difference between Network Marketing and Internet Marketing

So, let’s clear up this myth once and for all.

I’m love network marketing profession and the perks it give to me.

I love internet marketing because this is a skill that I could use it anywhere in any business should I choose to.

In fact, I learn affiliate marketing and internet marketing and have some small success in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing

Talking from an internet marketer point of view, yes, as internet marketer, if we have a system design to help you solve your problem, we will promote it like hell, milk it for all its worth.

Some go on the hype route while some not.

But if you see it clearly, they (internet marketer) touch on network marketers hot buttons like, build you a huge downline, a click of a magic system to have people sign up and you can build a huge empire in network marketing.

Don’t be so naive. Imagine that you are the CEO of a network marketing company and you come across all-so-cool magic system, would you not buy it?

Internet Marketing Bottomline

So, the bottom line is that internet marketing is a subset of marketing.

Where if you learn the skill, you can use internet marketing to capture leads, provide services to other business owners or build your own.

It is not that kind of system that can build you a huge downline or meddle with conversion, traffic, cpc, while these are good, you simply miss out the biggest perk that makes network marketing look so cool and that’s DUPLICATION.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a distribution channel of good and services to the end user. For the most part, word of mouth is being used.

As technology advances, one can design capture pages and use internet marketing to drive traffic, capture leads and follow up.

You can’t expect people to buy or sign up on their own.

Even if you are the expert in driving traffic and signing people up from your system, your network marketing business is just as good as you are – period.

Your team/downline can’t duplicate what you do.

They aren’t train and if they willing, are they willing to wait a few months to a year to master?

If it works for you, and does not duplicate, drop it. 

If you still spinning your wheels and can’t seem to get the result you want in network marketing, you can go to the leaders in our profession.

Success leaves clue.

Study how they work the business.

Buy their product, study and apply. If you do not know where to find such leaders, you can start here:-

1) Eric Worre – http://networkmarketingpro.com
2) Todd Falcone – http://toddfalcone.com
3) Ray Hidgon – http://rayhidgon.com

Wish you all the best in your network marketing business.

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