Do Not Focus on Failure in Network Marketing

When you feel like giving up on your network marketing business or feel that you are a total failure in it, do not give up.

Internal defeat is a mindset.

Everyone failed before, including me. You will learn from mistakes. Treat the failure as a test and a learning progress where you can teach your organization of what to expect when they come across what you are experiencing now.

This will help you team to grow and your team members know that they have a good leader that they want to follow. And thus, their confidence and trust in you increase.

Did you learn to ride a bicycle when small? If you don’t you probably have hear some stories that when one start to learn, they will fall down. Not because they failed to cycle properly, they failed when learning a new skill.

During the process, there are plenty of falls along the way, and then the falling stops. It simply means they “get it”. They may tell you to focus in front and start balancing yourself.

So, don’t take your network marketing failures personally.

Put them behind you, learn from each one and never mentally quit before you start.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Focus on Failure in Network Marketing”

  1. Hello Emmy,

    Thanks for the New Year wish. I wish you a prosperous new year and may your business soar in 2011!


  2. Yes, you are right fall and get up again. The fall may be a little harder, need someone to hold you up. Like the Chinese say, from where you fall, from where you stand up again.

    So remember to call for help if you need extra guidance and focus what you want to do. Best wishes to you on Year 2011. Progress in all your missions.

    Happy New Year.

    To Your Success,

    Emmy Guo

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