Doing Enough Follow Up?

One of the many reason one failed in this industry is they are wasting their time doing something nonproductive.  This happens to me many years back when I was just getting my feet wet in networking marketing. I remember clearly that I was being ‘forced’ to attend upline PBR and handing out flyers and cds at that time to acquire more leads.

Talk about Fresh Red Hot Leads. Hmm..Yup. But I failed  terribly and time is wasted. Eventually, I quit. But this was the Ah-HAAA moment that I had when I started learning what is internet marketing. As the saying goes, the fortune is in the list or the money is in the list. This building – list – model works well in offline business like shopping mall, slimming center, spas and other businesses that you can think off.

I now know that though new leads are important, but if I had a marketing system in place to funnel those leads, I had more time to follow up the list or prospect that I had on hand. This is far more better than acquiring new leads where the prospect in the list is highly targeted.

So, if you are still not following up with your lead and have a marketing system in place for you, it’s time to start now. Following up, finding out more about them and have them funnel through your marketing funnel will help you build your network marketing business more efficiently, faster and more productive.

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