Facebook Marketing – 3 Steps Phone Script

telephoneFacebook can be one of your marketing channel to find customer and business builder. However, there is right and wrong way to do it. But today, we are not going to discuss that, in fact, what we are going to in this post is how to get people on the phone after you have build a relationship with them on Facebook.

Believe it or not, many times, most network marketers stress this process out but in fact it’s a simple process.The concept behind this is that you simply have to ask for it. Yes! You have to really asked for it and here’s how I do it if I find the other party have chemistry with me.

Step 1 – Engage Them

The thing here is that, what makes you special, what’s make you stand out? The key here is that you have to engage with another human being on Facebook. This is social networking and not social pitching. Yes you are doing Facebook Marketing but you still have to engage them on a personal level. This will build and extend your warm market.

Step 2 – Ask Questions

Most of the time people don’t ask questions or rather questions that open other parties up. Yes, I do have times when people shut me off totally or simply giving me a thumbs up. I don’t really care because I know the gift I have and you should to. Don’t let them run you around. Simply ask questions like “how have you been”, “have the job economy ties you down?” or “how you see yourself in 5 years time working in the same company?”

Step 3 – Fixing Appointment

This really is about guts feel and depends on how your conversations flow from each human being. When you feel the timing is right to ask for an appointment, just ASK. They will give it to you. Sometimes you have to give yours first while other times, they will give them yours first. So just ask them like “What the best number to get you? This is mine XXXXXXX, lets meet for coffee.”

That’s it. Don’t stress yourself out as you are not going to marry that person you are having conversation with. Have fun on Facebook and happy connecting and prospecting. Share it if you find it valuable.

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