Facebooks Ads DO Sells

If you are thinking that facebook ads DON’T sell, then you maybe wrong here.

Many ads that I’ve seen in facebook are ads that sell. Well, that precisely the purpose for the ad. However, many advertiser forget that, Facebook is a social media platform. Nobody is there to buy things.

They are there to mingle, chat, play games or doing some of their favorite things. In other words, they are there to party. So let’s imagine, you are being invited to a big party by your friend and you do not know the people around you, except your friend. Will you enter the room and boast, or promote yourself? You won’t right?

Instead, you maybe going around making friends, strike up a small conversation and join a group that has similar interest with you.

Now, what have that party got to do with Facebook Ads?

If you went in with a bang, nobody will want to even take a glance at you or worst, but on the other hand, if you mingle around, then people will start to know who you are and will ask you what you do. This is where you can pitch or pre-sell them.

So as you can see, the process is not just Facebook Ads –> Your website. It is more than that.

Be it whether you are a network marketer, a business owner or an individual who want to sell or promote your things in facebook, you have to remember, Facebook is a social platform and nobody are there to buy anything you offer.

The take away here is, What will make you want to click on the facebook ad?

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