Freedom VS Material

Happy new year to you!!!

This is my first blog post in 2011. I’ve just done viewing Eric Worre Shocking Predictions video. Inside he state 4 predictions for the year 2011. But one thing that brought me to attention is – not about those stuff.

In my opinion, it is very realistic. It is because, friends who are around me who has that stuff are in debt. They work to pay off the debts that are on their credit card. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad owning that stuff or working for others is bad either.

What I want to put across is that, a lot, in fact most of us want a debt – free lifestyle. And that is why, many of us, learn about investing, property buying and seeking a passive income. Both you and I know that the economy is not getting any better with trillion of money just lost in the last economy crisis and many are down with bad credits.

So, these people who still have debts with credit card company, couple with their family commitments or planning to have a family, they are working doubly hard to pay off debts instead of living a debt free lifestyle. I’m not painting the doom and gloom picture here, but as a matter of fact, this is reality.

So, the choice is really up to us to see how we want out of our life. To me, freedom is more than anything else. Material stuff is secondary while freedom to me is important because I no longer have to bogged down with debts, working for others and can spend quality time with my family members.

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