How to Generate Leads On Facebook

If you are researching on how to get leads on Facebook, there are tons of information out there either on youtube, blogs or articles. You can go search and read all about them. However, in this post, I will not bored you down wit the same information that you could find elsewhere.

Instead, I will share with you the concept behind of generating leads on Facebook.

With 1.4 Billion user on Facebook, the idea of having unlimited people to talk to seem tempting. However, if you do it the wrong way, you will not get result. Period. If you do want to get result, you will need to have “HOW CAN I HELP YOU” mindset. Really connect with the person you are talking to. Get to know them, where they are in life, their hobbies and maybe their job. Do not treat them with a $ sign.

It is from this type of connection (oh by the way, many people communicate nowsdays but few really do that kind of connection). So if you do connect with them, relationship is form. That where you can see if your business opportunity can help them or if they know other people who could use some extra income.

The “HOW CAN I HELP YOU” mindset can serve you very well in your network marketing career. This question alone will put you into servant leadership where people can sense and would want to work with you.

Try it and you will find generating leads on Facebook will be both fun and profitable.

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