Have You Found Your Network Marketing USP Yet?

Yup, have you found one?

For those who does not know what is USP, it simply means Unique Selling Proposition. It is something that separate yourself and other network marketers. The cool thing in our industry is everyone is unique. Everyone has their own skills and knowledge to bring to the table and help their own team. Just spend a weekend roaming around the internet and find fellow network marketers that keep popping up or have their names mention a lot of times online, these are the guys and gal who had found their USP and used in conjunction with attraction marketing to bring them much success.

So you may ask, I can’t find my USP. What’s my USP?

Well, it’s really simple. You just have to sit down, think about your strengths, your character and what kind of problem your friends find you for solution? I’ll give you my example, just in case you do not understand what I mean.

Let’s start with strength, well, my strength is in free traffic generation and I’m an out going and sociable guy. Normally my friends would come to me when they need to design and redesign. So, from the above, I know the value that I can bring to the our industry is free traffic generation and therefore I brand myself as The ShoeString Network Marketer.

That is my USP.

And if you had a hard time finding your USP, here’s a tip for you. Ask.

Yes, ask your family member, friends and colleague. Ask them about how they see you and what strength do you have in their eyes. You will probably get a long list from them. And you will need to sort out that is pretty much relevant to your character and from there, you can start developing your USP and your unique attraction story.

Guys and gals, this is what really separate you and others network marketers.

(go on ahead and search all network marketers, you will see that at least 90% out there do not do this type of “branding” which it essential. Go on search, you will know what I mean. 🙂 )

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