Have You Help people Solve problems Give solutions

You may have heard about solution solving but have you really apply to your business? Have you ever think of why you want to get into business?

Of course, the money making is one portion of why people get into business. I’ve seen a lot of people, majority of them, that they put money making the priority of doing business. This is perfectly all right, but they lost focus on the most important aspect of doing business.

Look around your house. Look at the things you use and buy. These items or product that you bought comes from people doing business. But why you buy from them? Is it they are nice or does it help solve your problem?

For most of the time, we buy stuff to solve our problem or craving. Without a need, we won’t be buying stuff, make sense? So, if you look around all businesses, they are selling a solution to a problem.

I repeat, they are selling a solution to a problem.

No matter what business you are in, you are in fact selling a solution. So, if you are in network marketing like I am, what are you exactly selling? Is it a hope, a dream or freedom? Or is it something else? The reason why I bought network marketing up is that, when I talk to fellow networkers on either Facebook or locally, most of them could not answer what they are marketing.

And most of the time, they are running in circles, afraid of picking up phone or even talking to prospect whom have opt in to their primary business. It’s true. I do not know if it happens to you, but I’ve seen a lot of these are happening.

So, reflect on what kind of problem you are actually solving to help people life better. In this way, your life will be better as you have touch many people lives.

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