Have You Taken The *So What* Test Yet?

As a network marketer, our main lifeblood is leads, without leads we can’t survive in this business. However to attract leads, you will need a system in place before you can starts gathering leads.

Now, imagine you have all set up, you are ready to place ads or do a video presentation online. Did you put yourself in your prospect shoes? Despite Mike’s and other great network marketers and many great information hammering in to put ourselves in the prospect shoes, there are many still advertising about me and all about me.

Now, if you are doing it that way and did not see you ad converts, only yourself have to blame. Nobody want to to know who you are. They want to know how you can do for them. I had pull out some ad lines below for your reference and you can take this very simple test.

Add in the so what behind each sentence you read. Put yourself in your prospect situation.

My team made X number of sales the past 30 days.

This is a ground floor opportunity for you to get in.

X team is searching for leaders in X country, come on get in fast.

So you got it? By adding the SO WHAT behind each sentence, you are basically answering your prospect question. So instead of asking them what they already know, show them how they can benefit by joining your team.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

Go ahead and try it today, you’ll be surprised!

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