Hello, Where Are You Now

I seldom write  this type of  SEO un-optimized blog post. But for the sake of many struggling network marketers, I decided to do it.

Now, we are in network marketing and our goal is to make a profit and share this beautiful business model to as much as many person as humanly can. But why there are still so many network marketers struggling?

The answer is, they do not know Where they are now.

It’s a sad fact. When I ask fellow network marketers, where are they now in current network marketing company, 9 out of 10 person will say —

I’m at X rank now and sponsor X number of people with X number in my organization.

Well, the above answer is an achievement answer.

Simply put, they do not know where are they now in business. When you are in business, you will want to constantly ask yourself, where are you now, am i heading the right direction, how am i going to improve my current situation.

See that? That is the Where Are You Now. We have to access our current situation and not saying sponsoring X number of people etc. This is good for ego, but not really beneficial for your business.

So, leave a comment below to tell me Where Are You Now? Hope this question will spur your on to next level and to our success in network marketing!

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