Help!! I Had Not Have A Brand Yet

This is the common problem face by new network marketers. You may see that your upline or other influential network marketer have large downline or they had a brand in them. You may be talking to yourself that “I can’t possibly reach to that kind of standard.” or “Yes, my upline had their branding done and I don’t have. Therefore, I find it difficult to talk to people.”

I’ve seen many new network marketers do not have that confidence and they might compare themselves to their upline. But in actual fact, the new network marketers have to work hard to establish their brand, authority and influence in the network marketing industry.

Although this is a home-based business that help others to succeed, but you as a new network marketer has to crave something out for yourself in order to help others to succeed. It is not simply just follow your leader or upline and everything will be taken care of.

You have to find your own voice, your own personality and your own strength to crave out your own USP.

In this way, you will bound to have a following who will like you and perhaps join your team. You also must learn continuously to improve yourself in the marketing and self-development department. Once you have that done, you will then find yourself a change person.

But bear this in mind, during the transition phase, you may face something “strange” going inside you. This is perfectly normal because you begin to feel that you are in control of your life with your new found knowledge.

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  1. Jeffrey, you are spot on. I really have to find my own voice to market and brand myself. Keep it coming.

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