Hey Truth is Network Marketing is Really a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Holy crap!

What I heard about is starting to becoming painfully truth. Yup, for those who said MLM or Network Marketing is a Get Rich Quick Scheme, I totally agree with you now. Really.

You may be wondering why I switch camps to support those who say MLM is a Get Rich Quick scheme. All right, don’t guess, I going to confess now.

You see, network marketing, for a fact is really a Get Rich Quick scheme, be it whether who like it or not. For those who didn’t get it and have been hearing other people label as Get Rich Quick scheme is because in its core, it really is. There’s no doubt about it.

The real reason is in network marketing, we work on leverage the power of network.

Have you ask yourself this question before?

Do you want to work for 40 hours for 5 days to get paid $XXXX amount of money or leverage on a network of people to each work 2 hours daily to have you get paid on $XXXX. If this sound unethical, think of your boss or company that you are working with now. Are they leveraging your time to earn them big money yet capped your earning ability?

In network marketing or mlm, it works the same but with a twist where everybody in the network is working together as a team to help everyone achieve success.

But how does one Get Rich Quick in network marketing? Simple. There are only 3 simple steps that one has to follow in their network marketing career. They are,

1) Learn marketing to get leads

2) Following Up and sorting

3) Closing and train

So as you can see from the above, if done right and follow a strict 2 to 5 years plan, everyone can Get Rich Quick fast. As a matter of fact, a few hundreds to a thousand monthly extra for a family is sometimes more than enough.

So if you think that network marketing of MLM is a Get Rich Quick scheme, you got it correct and this may be the solution for you to get out of your unbalance job life.

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