How Do You Get Traffic to Your Blog

As you probably know, no matter how nice or how compelling your blog is, if there is no traffic to your blog, you make no sales, no connection, no branding.

So how can you get traffic to your blog?

There are multiple ways and in this post I share with you some common ways that I get traffic to my blog and hope that you can get to use it. So let’s get started.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I place a lot of emphasize on SEO. The reason simply is, SEO can give you targeted traffic and if people are searching for a keyword that you are targeting on, you will get traffic. But of course, SEO takes time to do and see results. Sometime, you will see your result pretty fast, while sometime slow. It all depends on what type of keyword you target on.

Facebook Marketing

This is my second favorite way to drive traffic to my blog. See, almost everyone on this planet are on Facebook. So it is really a no brainer not to market on Facebook. However, as Facebook is a social networking site, you have to be social. No point going there to just talk about your business and product. No matter how good your product or business is, nobody will want to even wink an eye to look at.

Writing Articles

This method is good because you can showcase your knowledge and brand yourself as an authority and a go to person pertaining to certain niche that you want in. It is very good because it also help in your SEO effort for ranking in search engine, however, you need to do it on a consistence basis in order to see result.

So, if you do the three activities listed above, I can assured you that your traffic will increase for months to come. But important thing here is, do not give up.

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