How I Generate 20 LinkedIn Network Marketing Leads In 1 Single Weekend

generate linkedin network marketing leads
Linkedin Network Marketing Leads

This is a guide on how to use Linkedin for network marketing and direct sales, so you can generate your own LinkedIn network marketing leads for free.

Most people know that LinkedIn is quickly becoming networker of choice to generate leads for their network marketing business.

However, many of them are still doing it the wrong way. LinkedIn can help your business and you can generate leads from LinkedIn if you do it the right way.

So let’s dive in on how I did exactly that I generate 20 Linkedin network marketing leads over the weekend.

Steps to Generate Linkedin Network Marketing Leads

Step 1 – Identifying Your Audience

If you are marketing yourself on LinkedIn more than you are on Facebook, it can be much more easier because LinkedIn is a place where professional hang out.

But first, you need to identify whom you want to connect with.

The best way to start off with (in my opinion), is your current occupation because you can speak the lingo and easily find your target audience on LinkedIn.

You also know the problem your industry have. This way you can better relate to them when conversing them over PM.

Step 2 – Crafting Your Summary

This is the portion where you will spend the most time on

Your summary have to write in a way that show who you are really as compare to other LinkedIn profile summary where they only show what they do.

Your Linkedin profile is your vitrual namecard.

The reason why you need to write to show who you are because your story attract who you want to work with.

When writing your Linkedin profile summary, here are some tips you might want to consider to follow:-

  • Start with your current job and tell them why you landed up in that job.
  • Follow by why you feel you need to change? (what prompt you to change)
  • Tell your audience your search for an opportunity to change. (any challenges or obstacles you faced)
  • How you get started in your current network marketing business and what future/benefit it had given you.
  • Tell them in your last paragraph whom you want to talk or work with and invite them to connect with you.

Step 3 – Your Profile and Background Picture

First impression counts.

Your Linkedin network marketing leads will often see your profile first.

So, take sometime to find a professional or semi-professional shot. It does not have to be a studio shot but a shot that has the first impression that you are warm to connect with.

If you are under tight budget, use your smartphone to take a good selfie and post it up. As for the background, find one background that resonate with you.

Don’t spend too much time on selecting one.

Just go ahead with one.

Step 4 – Linkedin Headline for Network marketing

As for the your Linkedin profile headline, you will want to put your current employment position along with other sub title.

For example, if you are in skin care business and a customer service support in the day, you can write like Customer Service Support | Skin Care Adviser.

This way, you indirectly telling them who you are and if people are searching for that keyword, you have a high possibilities that they want to connect with you.

Step 5 – Using LinkedIn Search Function to Connect

This is where you find people to connect with.

If you have done the 4 steps above, all you need to do is to search for your occupation, for example, if you are an accountant, simple search for accountant.

The search will return you with all people that have accountant wording in their profile.

Next, you need to filter to your 2nd connection. Highlight the 2nd connection and let LinkedIn filter for you.

Now you have all the “mutual friends” that you can connect with.

You can now click connect to send them a connection with a note why you want to connect with them on Linkedin.

Note that you can also filter down to which country you want too.

So there you have it.

The above is the exact process that I did to generate 20 leads on 1 weekend.

If you wish to connect with me follow this 2 steps:-


Step 1 – Copy this message “Hi I found your blog post on “How I Generate 20 LinkedIn Network Marketing Leads For Free” and wish to connect with you.

Step 2 – Click on this link to connect and paste above message when connecting with me.

If you like this content or find it useful, please feel free to send it to your team.

If you want to have me guide you one on one on how network marketing recruiting on Linkedin work for you personally, you can click here.

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