How I Get 1781 Vistors In 7 Days Using Free Traffic

I’m a big fan of free traffic because I know personally that free traffic now is way more targeted than paid advertising. And the fact is search engines are build around helping people to search relevant information easily.

Here is the screenshot that I took that I got 1781 visitors to my website for free.

Jeffrey Chew Free Traffic SEO

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As you can see from above, my traffic comes mainly from search engine (organic), with Google leading 1406 visits. So how can you do the same for your website so you can have more qualified and targeted leads that either call you or opt in to your primary business.

Here How

1) If you are still building a blog using blogger or using free wordpress, it’s time to switch over to a self hosted blog. If you have one already, go install the following plugins to boost your blog SEO

2) Change your url to a readable format. You can go to Settings > Permalinks > Custom Structure and type in /%postname%/.

3) After you had done posting each blog post, it’s time to spread your newly baked blog post around the internet. Below are the websites I use to spread my blog post around the internet for maximum exposure.

For Feed Syndication

For Bookmarking of your blog

For Pinging of your blog

For Social Media (Networking)

If you do the above religiously for every blog post that you made, you will see significant results over time. However, you need to provide value in each post that will benefit the readers.

With that, I’m signing off and wish you success.

15 thoughts on “How I Get 1781 Vistors In 7 Days Using Free Traffic”

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  2. Hi Ding Neng, I agree with you that free traffic is still the best and user will trust more on organic search more than ppc. I’m happy that you got your seo results! Way to go!!

  3. Hi KW, thanks for your compliment. We learn from each others and I’ve got so much to learn from your networking experience 🙂

  4. Hi Jeff, Nice sharing! I’ve learn some tips from you as well and will implement it on my website soon.

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